Using a dirty shower is gross! Every homeowner needs to ensure the cleanliness of their bathroom. There are several tricks on how to transform a dirty bathroom into a sparkling one, and people who are looking for home improvement tips can find what they are looking for in the list below. Shower stains give us a lot of headaches, but there are multiple ways on how we can remove it from our showers. There are multiple ways on how we can completely clean our showers, and most of the time, we can do it through the use of cleaners and other materials available inside the house. These are some of the best tips on how to remove the stains inside the shower.

1. If the stain is brand new, and it does not stick to the tiles, we can use tap water to clean it in an instant. The tap water should be poured directly into the stain, and watch how it dissolves and be carried away by the water. Food stains and dirt that are still fresh can be removed this way. We need to be quick and wash off the stain before it hardens.